Successfully cascade the strategy and execution

Empower your junior to mid-level managers

Strength the founder’s transformation within the different pivotal stages

Scale HR team within their Business Partner journey

Together we will:

Empower and motivate employees, help them MAXIMIZE their potential and find purpose and a meaningful workplace
Bolster retention and dramatically REDUCE the turnover rate, to enable you to deliver your value proposition.

It’s time to LEAP FORWARD

Reigniting your team’s leadership journey

Strengthening your leaders’ mindset to become proactive and empathic, to communicate and execute.

Empowering the company to become an “Employer of Choice”

Building the framework that will be the anchor for an amazing candidate and employee experience, so candidates will strive to join and current employees will strive to stay.

Developing a quality talent matrix

Building a mechanism to promote quality talent from within, deep diving into competencies and driving motivation.

Aligning your leadership language

Fine-tuning the company's values, mission, and goals to ensure consistency among your teams

Defining your business essentials

Creating a healthy and robust learning ecosystem for all your employees to acquire your crucial business essentials.

Paying closer attention to psychological needs

Designing a framework to meet your employees' emotional and psychological needs

Providing a clear business map

Refining your business challenges and value proposition to set targets and achieve results

Strengthening your HR team

Providing mentoring for HR managers in their Business Partner journey.


Leadership capability drives growth and high retention rate

Employee performance has a direct impact on the bottom line

Your people strategy needs to align with your business strategy

Your promise to the stakeholders relies on your employees’ engagement and emotional commitment

HR is a significant, strategic business partner that ensures business readiness to enable execution.

Then , you understand that




Empower junior to mid-level managers within their leadership mindset and capabilities

This group is the primary growth engine of your business and the primary retention engine of your employees. We will provide them with the tools to successfully execute the company’s strategy AND support employees’ emotional needs, tools to succeed within the future of work and the know-how to manage and lead a diverse generation.


Cascade the strategy, frame the productive business structure and execute

Mentor your C-Suite group to successfully cascade the strategy into a business plan and actual execution, mapping the needed capabilities and skills, planning, leading and monitoring. ‘Manage the Managers’- challenges, build a strong learning culture, Empathy and ‘Manager as a Mentor’ will also be in focus.


Build the cornerstone of a strong organization: an Adaptive and highly responsive business that increases market value for stakeholders.

Mentor Founders, Co-Founders, Entrepreneurs, CEO and GM in establishing and framing your dream; Walking throughout the scaling up start up transformation and your own personal development transformation, within the different pivotal stages. Empower the Value Chain and the Business Value Proposition that wins the marketplace AND strengthens the quality of serving external & internal stakeholders.

The HR Leap program

HR creates value by building a company that wins in the marketspace

Let me be your HR BFF — Mentor HR roles in their Business Partner journey, and frame your HR competencies being an EMPLOYEE ADVOCATE AND A SIGNIFICANT STRATEGIC BUSINESS PARTNER. We will deep dive on how to build the company’s HR value proposition, cascade the strategy into a business plan and actual execution, understand the business challenges and the business language, advise and mentor the leaders, and how to be tuned to the business and attentively listening. We will also be focused on Personalization as the new normal, understanding how to lead towards agile performance and delivery, lead and strengthen a learning culture, enhance your impact, understand the ramifications of the future of work and how to strive for continuous improvement and measurement.

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